eBook Review: Bridge Daughter by Jim Nelson

This ebook was sent to me by the author for an honest review.


Title: Bridge Daughter

Author: Jim Nelson

Length: 386 pages

Purchase at: Amazon Kindle

Summary: In the god-fearing city of Concord, California, thirteen-year old Hanna lives with her attentive and caring parents. Life is quiet, quaint, and outside of her Aunt Azami and Uncle Rick, Hanna truly believes she needs nothing more in her life. Everything changes, however, on her birthday, when she decides to steal a pregnancy test from her local pharmacy.

Her life is cut in two: life before pregnancy test, and life after pregnancy test, and she must learn to cope with the indelible fact that she is her mother’s bridge daughter. Hanna goes on a mission to learn her own beliefs and values, from herself, to her parents, to God himself, and along the way she learns the gut-wrenching truth that sometimes there is a purpose to your life. And it may not be what you hoped.

Impression: I’ve never gotten teary-eyed after reading a self-published book yet, and I’m happy to say that Bridge Daughter is that inspirational and entertaining of a novel.

Jim Nelson weaves a novel FRAUGHT with taboo topics (religion, sex, life VS death) and handles them so professionally and emotionally. Hanna is a beautiful character that undergoes one of the most trying and tortuous character arcs I’ve ever read- the entire time, I rooted for her through all of her trials, good or bad. She begins the book as a naïve, immature child and ends the novel a saint. Though that, ladies and gentlemen, is the question that Nelson seems to pose all along: where is the line between morality and the right to live your life as you see fit? Is there a line? Is there actually a divine reason behind your existence?

This is an incredible scifi novel that bridges (ha) the gap between religion and science. It is so emotionally superb and is not overhanded with any of the themes (because let’s be honest… religion novels tend to drive people batty, but this is one of the gems that genuinely, genuinely asks you to learn and question on your own). The style is a tough one for authors to grasp, because not many people can write from a thirteen-year old girl’s stunted perspective. But Nelson achieved the nigh impossible. You learn and grow with Hanna, you come to understand the world she exists in and the choices that she has to make, and you endure the tests she must face with as much uncertainty and doubt as she does.

I would suggest this novel to everyone- it is intelligent, gripping, and hard to put down. The action is full-speed ahead; no one makes it out of this book without a tested perspective after some masterfully written heart-wrenching moments. Nelson is a tried and tested author, and I genuinely suggest his book to all scifi and high fantasy lovers. Five feather pens!


Horror Book Suggestions for Horror Movie Fans

Hey friends!

So, we’ve gone over favorite Horror Movies and Favorite Horror Books, but why not both?


I’ve put together a list of some popular horror movies, and thanks to an awesome suggestion by my BF, I’ve decided to do a “If you like ____ movie, read ____ book!” suggestion list!

Granted, these are all of my own personal suggestions based off of themes or characters in the movies that I thought were the most compelling .For example, I’m sure people who loved the movie Chucky would initially think, “wheres the book with the possessed serial killer doll?”… but I took it in a different direction… and instead focused on the villain and his origins (crazy magician anyone?).

So, I hope you agree with my suggestions and find something worth reading in this list. I’ve read most of them, but also did some research on the rest (or got suggestions from people who have read them). Let me know if there are any other book/movie combos you’d suggest for us readers!


If You Liked… You Should Read… Because…
Nightmare on Elm Street NOS4A2 by Joe Hill Men who haunt your dreams? Fear of never escaping the horrible killer who has you in your sights? This book has every great element of Freddy Krueger mixed with amazing characterization and growth.
Dracula Carmilla by J Sheridan Le Fanu


Melmoth the Wanderer by Charles Robert Maturin Gormenghast

Inspired Dracula



Inspired by Dracula!

The Ring The Summer of the Ubume by Natsuhiko Kydgoku


Ju-on by Kei Ohishi


Tales of Moonlight and Rain by Akinari Ueda

Popular Japanese horror with a female villain/ghost.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Suspect Zero by Richard Kadrey A book about a serial killer who goes in search of another serial killer, but like the movie, there is always more to the actual antagonist than meets the eye… he is always one step ahead.
Frankenstein Kane by Karl Edward Wagner Kane is the anti-hero, much like the Frakenstein monster, and the antagonist is very much the puppetmaster.
Chucky A Deadly Game of Magic by John Lowery Nixon This is a bit unconventional, but I chose this book based on its premise of the villain being a magician. Fans of Chucky know he’s a magician who has trapped himself inside of a doll after being hunted for committing murders. So, if you fear magician, rabbits-out-of-a-hat villain, this is a good go!


Friday the 13th

The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue These three have in common the fact that the villain is a young boy… who suffers from psychotic episodes. The people around him are tortured and fear for their own sanity.
The Devil’s Rejects The Black Company by Glenn Cook A book about family, hilarity, and madness, this book is as shocking and amusing as the horror movie. And lo and behold, the family is not the good guys in the story.


My Favorite Horror Villains (Movie and Book Edition!)

The BEST part of any story for me if by far the villain. I get all giddy when I read about a well-rounded, intelligent sort of villain that doesn’t take “no” for an answer. I love villains who are several steps ahead of the protagonist, because what else is scarier than someone who is in complete control over you?

This may appeal to my own fear of hopelessness and loss of control… but hey, that’s why there are so many different TYPES of villains to terrorize the general public with! There are giant and vicious animals, political figures with power, otherworldly entities, cults, etc.

And this list does not limit itself just to horror stories, however, because some of my favorite villains actually come from other genres. I just think if they do their own job of terrifying the audience, then they deserve a spot on this list!

So, without further ado, my favorite villains:


Jame Gumb/ Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs

I. Love. Buffalo. Bill. I’ve been known to quote him (of course no one gets it and then I look like a weirdo), and for a while my brother and I would send his infamous “dancing music” to each other just give creep the other one out. He is so unsettling and the worst part is he could be real. Hell, he is real. He’s based off of numerous serial killers and he plots and plans and uses his strengths to kidnap and kill women. His character in the movie is perfectly disturbing and mentally unhinged, making him one of the most terrifying villains I’ve ever seen.


Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street

My first horror movie love, this franchise was actually what introduced me to the horror genre. Freddy Krueger is such a classic… every Halloween I end up arguing with my brother and my boyfriend over who is better: Freddy or Jason. I will never back down! Never surrender! Freddy and his creepy song and his prowling dreamscapes are nightmare-inducing… just what he wants… The fact that he gets you while you sleep is what made me fall in love with him in the first place. He has total control in the dreamworld and you are at his very mercy. The amount of people that can survive his pursuit is minimal, which makes him badder than the rest.


Kayako from The Grudge

Okay. Be nice to me. Most people I’ve met think this movie is hilarious, but in all honesty this movie still terrifies me. I STILL have nightmares about the ghosts in this, and Kayako has even starred in a nightmare of mine in which a dementor turned into her… What are you most afraid of? If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. Japanese horror scares me. The movies The Ring and Dark Water all scared me and so did a few obscure ones that I watched in high school and promptly blocked out of my memory. But Kayako is so terrifying… she literally inhabits EVERY spot you think you should be safe. Your shower, your very own house (that’s right, she’s not confined to her own house), your bed, when you’re with your mom… each spot is so vulnerable and you expect to be safe. And this wouldn’t’ve happened if her husband hadn’t been so vengeful and murdered her and her son. Gah. Okay, I think you get the point.


Kevin Thompson/ Purple Man/ Zebediah Kilgrave from Marvel/ Jessica Jones

I’m not a hardcore comic fan; I will preface this section with that disclaimer. I never grew up reading comics or anything, but we did watch a lot of comic book character-based cartoons and that kind of instilled in me my early nerdom. But, the first time I saw Kilgrave on screen, I knew I found my next favorite villain. He is probably the only character I’ve chosen that has any sense of humanity in him, despite his ability to mentally manipulate and torture those he loves relentlessly. He is an awful human being and is just as overpowered as the show makes him out to be. In the research I did on him after I saw the show, it astounds me that he didn’t successfully take over the world. He is the epitome of mind control and is the leader of a hive mind… his abilities make him so powerful, I would never, ever, want to cross him.


Doomhead from 31

This is a new favorite, considering the movie only just came out last month, but anyone who has seen this can attest to Doomhead’s sheer insanity. When we were watching the movie, my BF and I said that Doomhead/the actor would have been… dare I say it… an even better Joker than Heath Ledger. He is insanity and instability in a nutshell, and just seeing him on screen was enough to literally give me the chills. I counted how many times he blinked in his opening monologue… literally 4 times in about 15-20 minutes. It makes me wonder if maybe that’s what Rob Zombie was going for. Because Doomhead is just as tortuous and uncaring towards his victims, but even more horrifying and real. He toys with the captives like a high-and-mighty cat and it’s lowly, broken mice. I loved this movie so much, but the best part was absolutely the villains (and Sheri Moon, of course). Doomhead has a commanding presence, is highly intelligent, and knows exactly what he’s doing. His profession is murder, and there is a reason why he is the best.


Let me know who your favorite villains are! What traits in villains scares you the most? Are you more scared by villains in books or movies? Obviously I love movie villains, but that tends to be because they are more one-sided and “evil” than in books. Authors like to make their villains human and have realistic motivations behind them J I prefer this type of writing, but in movies, the ultimate evil villain is way more fun!

5 Favorite Horror Novels

Hey everyone! Happy Blogoween!!!

Today, I thought we could chat about our top favorite horror novels ever written. I know the horror genre is full of subgenres, and my tastes are VERY broad, so I have a kind of mix-and-match of horror-themed novels/short stories that I always say are my favorite.

Horror can stretch from paranormal subgenres, to splatterpunk subgenres, to Lovecraftian subgenres… And below, I sure have a mix of the strange and the not-so-expected! lol

If you guys haven’t read them, I would ABSOLUTELY suggest you do!


  1. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
  2. NOS4A2 by Joe Hill
  3. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
  4. Battle Royale by Takami Koushun
  5. The Rats in the Walls by HP Lovecraft


So, a couple of classics: Lovecraft and Jackson are two incredibly well-known horror authors, and these books are my favorite by them. I love Hill House the most because I grew up in a haunted bed and breakfast. Sometimes I actually wonder if that’s where my love of horror came from!

Something Wicked is just everything I wish I could do as an author… it’s a perfect novel, in every way. I’m insanely jealous of Bradbury, and this book is not only an immersive read, but it’s also not totally despairing like many other horror novels are.

You can’t go wrong with Lovecraft, but Rats incorporates a good amount of elements that I love: psychological tension, underground worlds, and cats. I mean, how does that not sound interesting? lol

Hill and Koushan are both very popular novelists, as are these books, but they are CERTAINLY popular for a reason. I love NOS4A2 because it genuinely made me nervous to leave my house after I read it, and Koushan is just everything I wanted to get out of The Hunger Games that was neglected. It’s ridiculously disgusting and terrifying- I would recommend these books to everyone!

What about you guys? Do you have a favorite horror novel I didn’t list? Do you prefer a different book that one of these authors wrote? I’d love to hear!


Morgan Paige

T5W: Gateway Books to Your Favorite Genre!

Hey readerly friends!

I wish I were a fan of the most popular genres out there, like YA and mystery, or hell, even regular fiction. Alas, as you guys know, I am a HARDCORE fan of horror and fantasy- give me all the creepy and fantastical stories you got- and have a plethora of suggestions to convert even the most resolute realistic reader there is.

I think the first fantasy book I ever read was Harry Potter, but this was after years of reading King Arthur retellings (I consider that more historical mythology). So I was already well on my way to loving fantasy at a very young age! And as for horror, I think the first “horror” ish book I read was The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King. This is DEFINITELY an amazing intro for young readers into the horror genre. I’d say that it is way better than any of the soft horror that’s hitting YA shelves right now (like A Savage Song by VE Schwab or The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater).

However, I have a few other book options that I think are a bit more… mature? I guess? Since we’re not all in middle school anymore (I kind of doubt that I have many followers who are that young, so I feel like this is an appropriate way to approach the prompt), I think there are some other options that would interest people who want to start getting into Adult Fantasy or Horror.

I chose a few options other than the ones I mentioned above, but feel free to try out Tom Gordon or King Arthur. Those were a little out of the norm, but they were definitely what started my love for fantasy and horror!


Horror: The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

Black House is a bit darker, but the first installment in this series is perfect for people used to fiction or coming-of-age stories. It’s just the right amount of creepy and supernatural and is set in the real world. Both of these authors are known for scaring the bejeezus out of their audience, but this book is more of an emotional rollercoaster. The protagonist is an amazing little boy and his journey was the first book to actually make me cry (in a good way???).


Horror: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

Not nearly as hardcore as HP Lovecraft, so I definitely think that Poe is the gateway author to classic horror. He led me to Shirley Jackson, HP Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury (he is a modern writer, but has a very classic style). The Raven is a very easy and popular read, and is just the right amount of creepy and accessible for the historical fiction fan.


Horror/ Fantasy: The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

So yeah, I’ve been fangirling over this novel all year, but basically this novel is perfect for the mature fiction reader who wants a taste of both horror and fantasy. Set in reality, this novel is such a fantastic narrative that makes you question beliefs, reality, and what it means to be good. The book isn’t inherently terrifying (the author even mentioned he never would have classified it as a horror novel), but there are some elements that are equally fantastical and horrifying. This is for the mature reader though, so check it out if you think you can handle themes about death, torture, and theology.


Fantasy: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

I’ve seen only a handful of people who dislike this book, but for people new to fantasy I think it is overwhelmingly approachable. It is a story written from a young girl’s POV during her coming-of-age years, but even with such a young protagonist I think it is one of the most age-accessible novels ever written. People of any age and background come to love Lyra and her world, which is an interesting take on our own reality and the religions within. I think that seeing such political and religious upheaval in such an imaginative world would be very appealing to people who love mysteries and coming-of-age stories.


Fantasy/Steampunk: Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

So… this is a bit of a curveball, but my most beloved subgenre in scifi/fantasy is none other than steampunk. I ADORE anything steampunk, and what got me into it was a few great books I stumbled upon. Many aren’t very good, if I’m 100% honest, but sometimes you find a gem that really captures the aesthetic and feel of a steampunk world without coming off as cliché. One of these, too, is Cherie Priest’s steampunk series that begins with Boneshaker. This is a perfect book to read for the reader who loves history or fiction or even alternate universe stories. It focuses on the strength of family and community and also has an air of mystery about it. I’d highly recommend this book to all readers; Cherie Priest is the steampunk queen!

Have you guys read any of these books? Or feel like you may jump into one of these genres now? I’d love to hear some of your recommendations for other genres, too! I certainly find myself stuck reading similar things, and maybe that’s only because I haven’t found the right book to break into a certain genre yet.

Let me know! Until next time!

This prompt is run by Sam and Lainey over at the T5W Goodreads Page. Stop by and say hi!


Morgan Paige

September TBR: Mad as a Hatter and as Late as a Rabbit

Oh gosh I’ve tried writing this post like, three times… and no matter what, each time, I feel like it’s a sloppy mess.

I have no idea how I managed to put together this ragtag group of books for this months TBR (quite late, I know), but it’s probably the oddest assortment of books I’ve clamored together for in a long time.

Part of the issue is how much I hoard books. I take from my friends, from the library, from book events, I buy from Barnes and Noble and other indie bookstores… I have to get ahold of myself! And yet, I also have to still read a few of the books from my past TBRs. I hate leaving things by the wayside.

I’m still working on the Murakami books, as a friend of mind was so gracious to lend them to me, but it’s taking me a while. Japanese fiction always take me a bit to get through. It’s such a different style and has suuuuch a different narrative approach going for it. I may make a thought bubble post on it, as I’d be very curious to hear what you guys thought about Western VS Eastern literature.

I have also picked up an assortment of books that just looked super interesting/different to me… and of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance to read an upcoming book-to-movie adaptation…

  1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
  2. The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman
  3. Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
  4. Dream House by Marzia Bisognin

Dude. I wish I had a rhyme or reason here lol

A YA fantasy, an illustrated children’s fairytale, a youtubers debut host story, and a horror novel. I’m actually really excited to get through Invisible Monsters. I’ve heard it’s even more graphic and disturbing than Fight Club and was actually rejected before Fight Club was published and Palahniuk gained a solid reputation. So far it seems so be a very decent commentary on how messed up materialism is in the modern world. But we will see how that goes! I love the narrator lol she’s so strange, I’ve never read anything like it before.

And I’m so excited to start Marzias book- she and I love the same kind of horror stories, so I’m bound to love a book she’s written.

I also have a confession to make… I gave up on a book yesterday… which is partially why I wanted to rewrite this post again.

Anybody heard of The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes?

I saw it mentioned in a horror book club forum that I’m a part of and everyone was SINGING her praises. Saying how fantastic and dark and messed up the books she writes are… but the book was awful. I couldn’t even get through the 1/3rd point.

I… I could do a review on it if you guys are interested, but the book wasn’t a debut novel so I didn’t think it really would appeal to those of you who read my posts. Just let me know… sometimes it helps knowing what is good and what is considered bad in a book, for those of us aspiring writers. And damn are there some helpful pointers you could learn what not to do in this book.

Just let me know! Otherwise, it’s not really worth subjecting you guys to it lol

Well, until next time lovelies!


Morgan Paige

New Self-Published eBooks: August 14-20

Hey again, happy Saturday my book lovers 🙂

I just spent the day brunching and birthday-partying it up for an adorable one-year old, and as much as my aesthetic screams “vampire,” seeing the sun and some great people really made the day into something super special. (And of course, I lathered on that sunscreen lol)

Do any of you guys find that certain interests in different mediums seriously affect your interest in other types of art/ entertainment? For example, my boyfriend and I binged watched Stranger Things on HBO, which just so happened to coincide with my attempt to tackle Stephen King’s The Stand (this has been a bit of a fail lol), but I’ve been hungering for more 80s nostalgia reading, shows, and music. I think it actually began a couple of weeks before Stranger Things when I watched almost all of Molly Ringwald’s movies in a weekend… I think I have a bit of an obsession lol

I’m curious, have you guys watched the show? Or have any reading suggestions to give to kind of go with that whole vibe? I just started Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, and I have to admit I am looooving it. So far, it’s exactly what I was looking for in a story- compassionate, emotional, and just starting in on some Halloween spookiness for that essential paranormal edge.

I would love to hear what you guys have to recommend! Here’s this week’s list of upcoming publications, I hope you find something great to read 🙂


Stairways End by Walt Pickut available August 14, 2016

Havoc Road (#2) by CR Watson available August 15, 2016

About Time – and Particles Colliding by Mark Murray available August 15, 2016

Moonlighting at the Mortuary by TS McLellan available August 15, 2016

Derailed by CM Boers available August 15, 2016

Bloodline: Samson and Delilah by Y Stokes available August 15, 2016

Fatal Reaction, The Beginning by MA Hollstein available August 15, 2016

One Man’s Island by Thomas J Wolfenden available August 15, 2016

Retaliation (#2) by Tobias Klausmann available August 15, 2016

Remnants (#2) by Bridget Bundy available August 15, 2016

We Who Remain (#2) by Sean Fletcher available August 15, 2016

Cinderella Dreams of Fire by Casey Lane available August 15, 2016

Resurgence by Joshua W Nelson available August 15, 2016

Ice Burns by Charity Ayres available August 16, 2016

Mannegishi by Ben Willoughby available August 16, 2016

The Element Hunter Series Book One by Alyssa Casey available August 16, 2016

Journey Back to Mars by Hugo Huesca available August 16, 2016

Dawn of Defiance by Andi Neal available August 16, 2016

Southern Zombies 5: South of Hell by Ann Riley available August 16, 2016

Fated Souls by Sariah Skye available August 16, 2016

Influence by David R Bernstein available August 16, 2016

Sorcerer: Betrayal by DL Harrison available August 16, 2016

Nightshade by AK Anderson available August 16, 2016

Unknown by Wendy Higgins available August 16, 2016

Enforcer by DM Turner available August 17, 2016

A World Apartby Loui Downing available August 17, 2016

Society Stronghold by TJ Vensarn available August 17, 2016

Diabolical Quest by Joanna Mazurkiewicz available August 17, 2016

A Tale of Two Airships by Katherine McIntyre available August 17, 2016

Curse of Chronos by Megan Cutler available August 18, 2016

Sacrifice by Mia Bishop available August 18, 2016

The Actress, the Witch, and the Amazon by Jonathan Pidduck available August 18, 2016

Episode 1: Bloodlines by Allyson Gottlieb available August 18, 2016

Good Things by Mia Darien available August 18, 2016

The Yesterdays of Tomorrow (#2) by Jessica Hernandez available August 19, 2016

Ricochet Through Time (#3) by Lindsey Fairleigh available August 19, 2016

Ben by Shelley Jarvis available August 19, 2016

The Uprising by Kachi Ugo available August 19, 2016

Dark Realm by Mary Vigiliante Zsydlowski available August 20, 2016

Shattered Fate by Yelena Lugin available August 20, 2016

Children of the Voidby Jack Halls available August 20, 2016

The Hundred Gram Mission by Navin Weeraratne available August 20, 2016



Dawn of Defiance by Andi Neal available August 16, 2016

Origins by MR Pritchard available August 17, 2016

Resurrection by MR Pritchard available August 18, 2016

The Uprising by Kachi Ugo available August 19, 2016

The Sleep Trade by Amy Parker available August 19, 2016

Angels and Avalon by Catherine Milos available August 20, 2016

Fusion Heart by Andrew J Cole available August 20, 2016

Dark Realm by Mary Vigliante Szydlowski available August 20, 2016



Anya and the Power Crystal by NA Cauldron available August 15, 2016

Origins by MR Pritchard available August 16, 2016

The Uprising by Kachi Ugo available August 19, 2016

Resurrection by MR Pritchard available August 18, 2016

Dark Realm by Mary Vigliante Szydlowski available August 20, 2016

Cafe Review: Buckley’s in Merrimack, NH

Hey friends! 

I have another little travel log here, one documenting my trip to a beautiful new cafe in Southern NH. 

Buckley’s is a local steakhouse owned by an awesome restaurateur named Michael Buckley, and together with his wife Sarah they’ve opened some of NHs best restaurants. They have since opened a bakery and cafe next to the steakhouse where they offer freshly baked bread, pastries, sandwiches, cold-pressed juices, and, of course, coffee.
It was a beautiful day when I went so I bought an iced coffee to sit outside and read in their little garden patio, and it wasn’t just any iced coffee. On top of normal iced coffee, they also offer cold brew, Vietnamese style, and nitro coffee. I got a nitro (which comes in one satisfying size) and paired it with a chocolate macaron and a bag of local coffee beans to bring home with me.

This cafe was extraordinary in terms of service, food options, and atmosphere. There is a plethora of vegetarian food options which REALLY made my visit extra special, and we already planned for a nice lunch trip for next time. Their sandwiches are pre made and stuffed with amazing assortments of food, and their bread selection made the cafe smell like home. It really is a beautiful place to visit and I would suggest anyone driving through to stop by.

The thing that really struck me though is how nice everyone was. You know that alienating feeling you get sometimes going into a “cooler than you” independent cafe? Buckley’s was neither aloof nor intimidating and all of the employees were smiling, laughing, and overall happy to help. This doesn’t downplay who genuinely sophisticated the cafe looks, either. It looks like an upscale indie cafe for professionals, but remains warm and inviting like the rest of Buckley’s establishments.

Definitely check it out 🙂 the nitro iced coffee came out frothy and delicious and the macaron was just the right amount of dense, crunchy, and sweet.  

Until next time!


Morgan Paige

New Self-Published eBooks: July 31- August 6

Hey, everyone!

Happy Harry Potter book release day! (And Happy Birthday, Harry!)

I went with a friend to Barnes and Noble and snatched up my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child today and haven’t really come up for air since I got it. I’m on the final act and am trying to take a moment to breath and eat dinner lol

How about you guys? Have you been lucky enough to have time to get the book today? I feel like a kid again- just reading through the book in a single sitting while it rains and pours outside and the house is quiet with naps and the sound of the Harry Potter movie marathon in the background (I mean… it’s only fitting lol). Jay is under the weather, poor guy, so I’ve gotten him some medicine and he’s just sleeping the day away with the little kitties.

And good news, too, on the furball front! They’re basically inseparable now and I’ve even caught Mr. Meow cleaning Taco multiple times over the past two days. We have little cat trees that they like to sit on next to each other and watch the squirrels outside- it’s an amazing change from what it was a month and a half ago. We finally feel comfortable keeping them out all day together, but we still separate them while we are off at work or out of the house. They tend to get into tussles… Meow doesn’t know how to play yet lol

Well… I must admit… I really want to get back to reading The Cursed Child, so I am going to end this post a little bit short 🙂 I have an awesome TBR post coming up for you guys on Tuesday- I can’t wait to show you guys what books I have in store for August. I’ve gotten some fantastic suggestions that I want to review for you guys and genuinely can’t wait to get to reading them!

Here’s this week’s upcoming publications! Read on, my happy HP friends 🙂 Let me know how far you are in the book! Or do you plan on getting it? The whole screenplay format is a bit uncommon and I’m curious if you guys like the idea/like how it reads/have read any screenplays before.

Talk to you all soon!!!


Wizards Quest Tales by D Glenn Casey available July 31, 2016

The Kamiri Born: Chronicles of Mehlis (#2) by DL Kramer available July 31, 2016

Mountain of Lies by Raquel Lyon available July 31, 2016

Lion Tamer by Lashell Collins available July 31, 2016

Soleil (#3) by Jacqueline Garlick available July 31, 2016

The Angel of Death by Elicia Hyder available July 31, 2016

Under the Weeping Tree by TN Davis available August 1, 2016

Heroes of Terisca (#2) by Natalie Miles available August 1, 2016

An Inconsequential Life (#2) by Ryan TA Campbell available August 1, 2016

Abnormal by EB Rockwell available August 1, 2016

Before (#2) by Samantha Gregory available August 1, 2016

The Book of Ominiue: Starborn by DM Barnham available August 1, 2016

Caught in the Ripples by S McPherson available August 1, 2016

Ciro Saga, Book One: Hunted by Kevin H Woodside available August 1, 2016

Daughter of the Red Planet by Kim Iverson available August 1, 2016

Disinhibition (#2) by MJ Carlson available August 1, 2016

Dre’s Legend (#3) by Wanda Corsaro available August 1, 2016

Blood Fire by NE Riggs available August 1, 2016

Broken by Josephine Templeton available August 1, 2016

The Broken God by Sabrina Flynn available August 1, 2016

Liberty by Alasdair Shaw available August 1, 2016

Worlds on Fire by Edward Punales available August 2, 2016

The Vanished World (#2) by Mark Knight available August 2, 2016

Midnight Sky (#2) by Amy Braun available August 2, 2016

Support Your Local Mosnter Hunter by Dennis Liggio available August 2, 2016

Outcast Journeys by Tracy Falbe available August 2, 2016

Claimed Undead by Lee Ayala available August 2, 2016

The Well Below the Valley by Katherine Lampe available August 2, 2016

The 24 Hourlies by Gaja J Kos available August 2, 2016

Torven by AJ Maguire available August 2, 2016

Beyond the Divide by SJ Callahan available August 2, 2016

Project Umschreiben: A Sparrow in Time by Wally Young available August 3, 2016

Marcii by Ross Turner available August 3, 2016

Two Percent Power: Delivering Justice by Brian Manning available August 3, 2016

Escalation (#2) by Olivia Rising available August 3, 2016

Cerulean Rust (#2) by William Jackson available August 3, 2016

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations by Kate Baray available August 3, 2016

Raindropt 2: No Place Like Gnome by Deena Byrne available August 4, 2016

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Daughter of the Red Planet by Kim Iverson available August 1, 2016

Broken by Josephine Templeton available August 1, 2016

Worlds on Fire by Edward Punales available August 2, 2016

I, Human (#5) by Vito Veii available August 2, 2016

The Well Below the Valley by Katherine Lampe available August 2, 2016

The 24 Hourlies by Gaja J Kos available August 2, 2016

Outcast Journeys by Tracy Falbe available August 2, 2016

Pirates by Paul Kater available August 2, 2016

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations (#5) by Kate Baray available August 3, 2016

Debut Author Book Review: Admiral by Sean Danker

Hey everyone! I have here another debut book review, and this book actually premieres today, May 3, 2016! It is a sci-fi book (can you tell I’m on a sci-fi kick lately?) that deals with lost planets and missing identities. Read on if you feel like this is up your alley!

This ARC was gratefully offered to me in exchange for an honest review. Some parts of the story may have changed since this review was done on an ARC and the published book could have been tweaked.

Title: Admiral

Author: Sean Danker

Published by: ROC

Length: 3259 pages

Available: Kindle

Synopsis: The universe is vast and hungry for exploration and conquest, but when the Admiral wakes up from his induced-sleep aboard an unfamiliar ship, he finds that he and three other military personnel are shipwrecked on an unknown planet.

The Admiral, a lieutenant, an ensign, and a private make for a motley assortment onboard a transportation ship, but even worse is when they find out that they are completely alone. The four must discover the reason why their ship has crash landed, why they are on an unknown airship and planet, and who the Admiral really is.

Impression: The synopsis above may be somewhat lackluster, but in reality, I didn’t have much to go off of after reading this novel. Danker is a succinct writer, but this story was not structured in a way to easily convey the actual storyline… Beware, minor spoilers ahead!

The story has potential, but I honestly did not like Admiral. I feel like an author makes a promise to his readers when he sets out to write a book, and that is to close up all loose ends by the end of the story. Not only that, but the book promises an adventure with the main character(s). When you don’t know anything, not even the name of the main character, you can’t help but come away with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

The reader is not privy to any information about the Admiral even though the book is written in his first person narrative (I think the author forgot the whole POINT of writing in first POV)… and not only that, when one of his comrades discovers who he is, they still don’t tell the reader! WHY?! I understand that making your main character mysterious and intriguing is sometimes a plot point (done very well by Robert Galbraith in the Cormoran Strike series), but it’s so frustrating when the reader is stuck outside watching what should be a personal experience as a sort of weird onlooker. It really takes the term “audience” to a whole new level…

Also, throughout the whole book, the characters did not have an overarching main plot goal. It wasn’t: we have to find a way off this planet right away, or, we have to discover what happened to the rest of the ship, or, how did we get here? It was just one coincidental plot turn after another passively leading the characters through their actions. It was not intriguing or engrossing, in my opinion.

The dialogue was essentially one argument after another and the characters personalities were so fluid that sometimes I felt Danker accidently wrote one name meaning another. Their relationships together didn’t make sense, either… the romance was forced and the animosity overdone. I didn’t particularly dislike the characters, but some of their interactions made me cringe because it was so inorganic and forced.

I did not enjoy reading this book and it honestly made me want to just put it down and not return to it. I wouldn’t recommend this novel, so it is unfortunately the honorary recipient of my first single feather pen review.