31 Days of Blogoween Wrap-Up

Happy Halloween, my fellow haunts!!!


31 days straight of posts- all focused on spooky, twisted content and you all held in there! 😀 We even made some more friends, too! We learned about some awesome new things that tied in to reading- like which horror movies go with which books, and which books were inspired by real haunted locations, for example.

WHAT a month, though! I was busy pretty much every weekend, so I’m truly astounded I managed to post every single day without fail. I am so happy that you all stuck around and hung out with me through it, even though there were some events that I decided to skip because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to post as much (A Meet-and-Greet will definitely be in the near future, too)! I know the horror genre isn’t as much of a draw-in for some people, but I think Blogoween was really fun and actually brought out more of the horror community around here 🙂

As kind of a wrap-up, I managed to read all of the books in our reading challenge as well as some on top: I finished Goldenhand by Garth Nix a couple of days ago… I simply couldn’t put it down… and I also listened to The Green Mile on audiobook. I thought, hilariously, that I’d take a break from spooky books since I TRULY had enough scary stuff going on this month, but for my birthday I got a book called Ghosts of Salem that I started reading the other day and I also am finally working my way through Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts. Which is an amazing anthology!

So, basically my TBR list is ridiculous!

But I’ll tell you guys all about that in my November TBR post 🙂 because, now we are back to the regularly scheduled posts on The Drifting Paige!

Well, as regular as possible with NaNoWriMo taking off >_< Are you guys doing it this month too? Are you ready for tomorrow???

I hope you guys liked Blogoween, tell me what you thought about it if you’d like! I’m so happy to see some new faces in here- feel free to introduce yourself below if you guys all want to chat and bond over horror lol

Thanks for sticking around and participating this month, you guys are all amazing!



Morgan Paige

Cafe Review: Buckley’s in Merrimack, NH

Hey friends! 

I have another little travel log here, one documenting my trip to a beautiful new cafe in Southern NH. 

Buckley’s is a local steakhouse owned by an awesome restaurateur named Michael Buckley, and together with his wife Sarah they’ve opened some of NHs best restaurants. They have since opened a bakery and cafe next to the steakhouse where they offer freshly baked bread, pastries, sandwiches, cold-pressed juices, and, of course, coffee.
It was a beautiful day when I went so I bought an iced coffee to sit outside and read in their little garden patio, and it wasn’t just any iced coffee. On top of normal iced coffee, they also offer cold brew, Vietnamese style, and nitro coffee. I got a nitro (which comes in one satisfying size) and paired it with a chocolate macaron and a bag of local coffee beans to bring home with me.

This cafe was extraordinary in terms of service, food options, and atmosphere. There is a plethora of vegetarian food options which REALLY made my visit extra special, and we already planned for a nice lunch trip for next time. Their sandwiches are pre made and stuffed with amazing assortments of food, and their bread selection made the cafe smell like home. It really is a beautiful place to visit and I would suggest anyone driving through to stop by.

The thing that really struck me though is how nice everyone was. You know that alienating feeling you get sometimes going into a “cooler than you” independent cafe? Buckley’s was neither aloof nor intimidating and all of the employees were smiling, laughing, and overall happy to help. This doesn’t downplay who genuinely sophisticated the cafe looks, either. It looks like an upscale indie cafe for professionals, but remains warm and inviting like the rest of Buckley’s establishments.

Definitely check it out 🙂 the nitro iced coffee came out frothy and delicious and the macaron was just the right amount of dense, crunchy, and sweet.  

Until next time!


Morgan Paige

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick shout-out to you all and say, yes, the layout of the blog has changed! I have some format updates coming this week (it’s been a little too long since I freshened up the site) and just want to let you all know that it’s intentional 🙂 Everything should hopefully be more user friendly and should help us all connect easier and chat more. I have some plans in mind and I’d love to hear what you think!

Let me know if you like the look of things, I’d love your feedback and constructive critiques! ❤

Until next time!

Morgan Paige

Check out my About page, too if you feel like contacting me via email 🙂





eBook Review: Ariel’s Tear by Justin Rose

Woot! I have an awesome eBook review in store that I’ve been promising you guys. I hope you enjoy this little personal reflection on the book. I tried to keep is super objective (when you’re an editor for your day job it’s hard not to be super critical of grammar and such) and to provide as much detail for you readers incase you were looking for a new read. And here we go!

ariel's tear a tale of rehaven by justin rose

Title: Ariel’s Tear: A Tale of Rehaven

Author: Justin O. Rose

Available: Lulu

Length: 184 pages

Synopsis: This novel is a about a family who lives happily in Gath Odrenoch, one of the largest cities in the land of Rehaven. Within this respected family there is a father named Reheuel, a mother named Tessa, two sons named Geuel and Hefthon, and a young daughter named Veil.

Reheuel has just been appointed Captain of the Guards, a prestigious position within Rehaven, when he and his family take one last trip to the City of the Fairies. Instead of beauty and peace, they travel far to find desolation as the fairy city is attacked by pillaging goblins. The Tear gem, a gem made purely of Innocence and which instills power and connection among the fairykind, was stolen during the massacre, and only when Reheuel and Geuel intervene at the risk of their own lives do the goblins finally retreat. But, the fairy city is not saved and the problems have only just begun, because with the Tear gone the fairies are disconnected and changed from the peaceful, innocent beings that they were.

The family must part ways as the problems compound and Ariel, the leader of the faeries, travels with Reheuel to retrieve the stolen gem. The battle between fairy and goblin becomes one mankind cannot ignore. Reheuel’s family, against all odds, must fight the menace that threatens the good of all races, and fairykind and mankind must come together despite their conflicting beliefs and livelihoods.

Impression: Remember the first time you watched the movie Fantasia and you felt like you were watching a whole new universe through a small window pane? And the sheer magic of the world in front of you made you feel like you were transported into another world? That’s how I felt when I read Ariel’s Tear.

Rose is really a fantastic author- I was super impressed by how immersive and how different this book felt overall. I absolutely felt like I was reading some classic fairytale. I couldn’t even put my finger on why this was, except for the fact that Rose is a master of descriptive text. The environments were perfectly detailed and there were some absolutely breathtaking one-liners in this book that I will never forget. For example, on page 16, Reheuel and his wife Tessa are speaking, and Reheuel says, “Our hearts eat time and they turn it to memories.” How many times has this applied to all of us? All the time! We look back, growing older, and our fond memories have suddenly become gilded and pleasant, because our heart had been the one to twist them into another state of thinking. I love that Rose has introspective moments like this in which the audience is knocked back on their feet in thought.

I liked that this book, as it is a fairytale, wasn’t overly drawn out. I kind of had the sense of it being a sort of epic in mind, but the conflict in the story wasn’t so much as epic as it was a symbol of good triumphing over bad. I liked the take on magic, but honestly some of the questions I had after the book was done were due to unanswered and conflicting magical details. I felt like that was the biggest storytelling loophole that took me out of the immersion, but if children were reading this story I doubt they’d pick up on it. So, if you’re like me and you pick up on that kind of stuff, then I’d say steer clear… there are a lot of inconsistencies in regards to the magic.

I was also frustrated because I feel like Rose could have given each of his characters a better voice. The dialogue between characters is so similar that it just broke the illusion and made the story feel fake and kind of brittle at parts. For example, I’d be so immersed in a fight scene (because damn Rose is great at narrating fight scenes), and then it’d be over and all the fairies and the soldiers and the children would sound like the same person having a conversation with himself. They all used the same sentence structure, phrasing, and word choice. The only two times I found a bit of a break in that one dialogue voice was when a soldier at the end used the colloquialism “lad” (we got some Scottish people in Rehaven?!?) and the youngest daughter, Veil. I wish I didn’t feel this way, but it was probably easier to give her her own voice because she’s 1) young, and 2) a girl. Tessa, the mother, even sounded just like her husband/ her sons/ the fairies.

However, I do have to give Rose props because he was really fantastic at writing the fight scenes, building us a whole new world, and completing most of the arcs that the story set out for us. I will be giving this story 3 feather pens as a rating, because it was a very good story and I loved the atmosphere, but the details that keep the audience immersed needed work. It’s Rose’s first book, though, so I feel like he has so much more growth and potential in store. (And between you and me, I’d LOVE to see him write some horror/thriller/mystery stories. His penchant for describing gore is pretty gnarly -as seen in his fight scenes- and I think with his imagination, he’d be able to churn out some gruesome stuff. But that’s just me and my twisted intrigue!)



New Self-Published eBooks: February 28- March 5

Hey all!

Here’s an update on some of this week’s self-published eBooks. I will be choosing one or two of these to read; if you have any suggestions, let me know! It looks like this is the week of Lulu and Kindle publishing. They have a TON that look really good, and a bunch of Lulu’s are free!

Here we go!



Hall of Mosses by Nicoline Evans available February 28, 2016

Caught Between (Two Worlds) (the Mages of Elsynvaal series) by Christine Davidson available February 28, 2016 isthars blade by lisa blackwood

The Cascaders by L.M. Glenn available February 28, 20

Trinity- Accepting Fate (#3 in the Trinity Series) by Kylie Price available February 28, 2016

Memorias: Deep in the Arnaks by Charles Serabian, Tom Edwards, C.S. Lakin available February 28, 2016

Working with Cedar: The Early Years by Terry McDonald available February 28, 2016

Universe in Flames: Ryonna’s Trials (#1 Novella in the Universe in Flames series)  by Christian Kallias available February 28, 2016

Ishtar’s Blade by Lisa Blackwood available February 29, 2016

The Clockwork Siren Series (Boxset of the series) by Katie Hayoz available February 29, 2016

Black Magic by Yamaya Cruz available February 29, 2016

Arnie, Mervin, and the Blood of Kindsby Luke Pedliham available February 29, 2016

South End by Lisa Glenn available February 29, 2016

The Pirate (#2 in the Blood and Destiny series) by E.C. Jarvis available February 29, 2016

Zero Resistance (#2 in the Agency Series) by Fabian Utomi available February 29, 2016

Homeland: Falling Down (#1 in the Homeland series) by R.A. Mathis available February 29, 2016

Academy of Secrets (Outcast Angels Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction series) by Michael Carney available February 29, 2016memorias by charles serabian

Frack You (#5 in the Rise of the Discordant series) by Christina McMullen available February 29, 2016

Phantoms of Phoenix (#3 in The Adventures of Jericho Sims series) by T. Mike McCurley available February 29, 2016

Prince’s Labyrinth by Z. Shannon available February 29, 2016

ShadowFae (#3 in the Searching for Eden series) by Kathleen Kerridge, Jay Aheer, Emma Stedall available February 29, 2016

The Old Scrapbook by Dennis Higgins available February 29, 2016

A Tale of Two Tabbies by Kathi Daley available February 29, 2016

Extinction End (#5 in the Extinction Cycle) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Aaron Sikes available February 29, 2016

Honour Bound (#2 in the Highland Magic series) by Helen Harper available February 29, 2016

Rubaisha: The Story of Unrealized Love (The Time Trilogy) by Naseha Sameen available March 1, 2016

Hey Mortality by Luke Kinsella available March 1, 2016

EVO Shift (#2 in the Evo Nation series) by K.J. Chapman available March 1, 2016

Emissary Metal (#1-3 in the Omnibus series) by Chris Paton available March 1, 2016

Elemental: Part Two (#1 in the Steele Stolen series) by Christie Hastie available March 1, 2016

Disarray: Where Survival Depends on Obediance (The District series) by Amy Shannon available March 1, 2016caught between two worlds by christine davidson

Carnival (#2 in the Spark Form Chronicles) by Matt Doyle available March 1, 2016

The Order of Events: The Nightwatcher (#3 in the Order of Events series) by C.J. Haines, Daniel Haines available March 1, 2016

Black Horde: War Horn by Costei Andrew available March 1, 2016

Lost in the Apocalypse by L.C. Mortimer available March 1, 2016

Jake Steele and the Great Inferno (#1 in the Firestone Series) by C.J. Eller available March 1, 2016

Winds of Fate (#1 in the Legacy of the Dreamer series) by M.P. Reeves available March 1, 2016

Vampires and Vinca (#4 in the Hawthorn Witches series) by A. L. Tyler available March 1, 2016

Surviving Earth: Makayla’s Journey by Cora A. Murray, Christina Escue available March 1, 2016

Pathfinders by Aidan J. Reid available March 1, 2016

The Wasteland Soldier (#3 in the Drums of War series) by Laurence Moore available March 1, 2016

There’s No Place: Homecoming by Tracey H. Kitts available March 1, 2016

Remainder by Stacy H. Pain available March 1, 2016lost in the apocalypse by lc mortimer

Interstellar Incident (#2 in the Alicia Jones series) by D.L. Harrison available March 1, 2016

Dissonance (#2.5 in the Echo Trilogy) by Lindsey Fairleigh available March 1, 2016

The Children of Calm by J. Michael Smith available March 1, 2016

Spell Bound (#3 in the Fair Retelling series) by Dorian Tsukioka available March 1, 2016

Emergence (#1 in the Return of Magic series) by D.R. Rosier available March 1, 2016

Favorite Obsession (#3 in the Royal Pride series) by Nancy Corrigan available March 1, 2016

The Shelter: WAR by Ira Tabankin, Dianne Mayhew available March 1, 2016

Haraken (#4 in the Silver Ships series) by S.H. Jucha available March 1, 2016

A Mosaic of Stares: Short Stories from Other Worldsby Andrew Knighton available March 3, 2016

Cruise of the Living Dead: A Zombie Anthology by Scott M. Baker available March 3, 2016

Renegade World: Future Pastby G.D. Patten available March 4, 2016

Fires of Mastery (#3 in the Tale of Azaran series) by Zackery Arbela available March 4, 2016shadowfae by kathleen kerridge

Ad Astra: Wonderboy and Stargirl (#1 in the Adventures of Woderboy and Stargirl series) by Giovanni Mallia available March 4, 2016

Arcene: The Island by Al K. Line available March 4, 2016

Beyond Legacy: Brothers to the End by Isaac Blais available March 4, 2016

Prepper’s Crucible (#6 in The End series) by Bobby Andrews available March 4, 2016

Unleash the Storm (#5 in the Steel and Stone series) by Annette Marie available March 4, 2016

The Traitor’s Song (#2 in the Storm Eagles series) by D. J. Colwell available March 5, 2016

White Lie (#4 in the Orphans series) by Mike Evans available March 5, 2016



[Sorry about the lack of images for the nook books! I had an issue between computers, but I’ll have it resolved next week!]

Poison Patch Episode 2 (The Astoria Files series) by Brida Anderson available February 28, 2016

Wizards for the Immediate Cheddar by L. Joseph Shosty available February 28, 2016

Era of the Scourge: Reclamation by Avery Tingle available February, 28 2016

Uncharted (#2 in the Guardians Saga) by Mylan Allen available February 28, 2016

God Killer (#3 in the Redneck Apocolypse series) by Eden Hudson available February 29, 2016

Life As Is by Brenda Thornlow available February 29, 2016

Titus Ad Larem by Peter Schnake available February 29, 2016

Shadows (#2 in the Keepers series) by B.T. Jaybush available February 29, 2016

The Secret City (#2 in the Stolen Future Trilogy) by Brian K. Lowe available February 29, 2016

The Awakening (#2 in the Athran Saga) by Kristofer M. Hanson available March 1, 2016

The Monster in the Mirror by Gareth Lewis available March 1, 2016

Tawny: Melusine’s Cats (#2) by Chris Quinton available March 1, 2016

Those Who Wander (All That Glitters series) by Shalaena Medford available March 1, 2016

Divine Intervention: Tales of Metamor City (#2) by Chris Lester available March 1, 2016

Karimath: A World at Peace by Jacques Ferreira available March 1, 2016

A Salmon Amongst Trouts by Kevin Focke available March 2, 2016

Spirit Light (#6 in the Rehema series) by C.C. Rose available March 3, 2016

The Turning by Sarah D. Silvey available March 3, 2016

Crossbones: Season 1 (Episodes 1-6 of the Crossbones series) by Stefan M. Nardi available March 3, 2016

Majesty (#5 in the Unbound series) by Jereon Steenbeeke available March 3, 2016

Magicka by Kathie Rivera available March 3, 2016

Reaper Chronicles: The Price by Riley Bryant available March 4, 2016

Liath Luachra: The Grey One by Brian O’Sullivan available March 5, 2016

Age of Men by Eduard Joseph available March 7, 2016



[Reminder: Lulu does not post up-and-coming publishings, so all books are recorded from the previous week]

The Karzalean Key by Seth Giolle available February 27, 2016

Hunt by Myles Songolo available February 27, 2016

Revelations (#2 in the Throwback Chronicles) by Tom Roth available February 27, 2016weft of crimson by sarah downing

Ready Reference Treatise: Childhood’s End by Raja Sharma available February 26, 2016

Johnny Come Home by Tony Breedan available February 26, 2016

Tiger Force by Richard Kinsman available February 26, 2016

Weft of Crimson by Sarah Downing available February 26, 2016

To Summon the Blackbird by Ken Doggett available February 26, 2016

Out into the Open- Herus by Sara Camilla Schmidt Grodin available February 26, 2016to summon the blackbird by ken dogget

Vices by Corrine Plummer available February 26, 2016

Luckbane by Tony Breeden available February 26, 2016

Hal by Ania Kovas available February 26, 2016

The Gods Mistake by Montsho Shelby available February 26, 2016

The Crystal Grid by Mackenzie Patterson available February 25, 2016

Dragon’s Den by Terri Branson available February 25, 2016in plain sight by michele briere

Pursuit of Truth (the Kesher Chronicles) by Sarah Wallin-Huff available Fenruary 25, 2016

E-Tron 2by Akshaj Mehta available February 25, 2016

Redemption: Part Two of the Legend of Running Brook by William C. Barnes available February 25, 2016

Serendipity by Dustin Humphreys available February 24, 2016

Virus by Cheyenne Gross available February 24, 2016ariel's tear a tale of rehaven by justin rose

The Vexing Companion by Douglas Hatten available February 24, 2016

Shattered Time by Stepehen B. McAfee available February 24, 2016

Dateline: Korea- It Wasn’t Just a Trip Through Time: It Was an Adventure by Brent Kirk available February 23, 2016

Ariel’s Tear: A Tale of Rehaven by Justin Rose available February 23, 2016

Earth (miniseries) by Gabriel Dica available February 23, 2016

Earth: The Ashan Report (miniseries) by Gabriel Dica available February 23, 2016

Earth: The Future is History (miniseries) by Gabriel Dica available February 23, 2016cosmic sculpture by terri branson

The Lost Prince (#1 in the Tset-su Chronicles) by Ascien Keith available February 23, 2016

In Plain Sight (#1 in the Gatekeepers series) by Michele Briere available February 23, 2016

The Guardian Trial by C.M. Crabtree available February 22, 2016

Assassin for Hire (#1) by Dwayne Eric McLeon available February 22, 2016

Cosmic Sculpture by Terri Branson available February 22, 2016



Uncharted (#2 in the Guardians Saga) by Mylan Allen available February 28, 2016

God Killer by Eden Hudson available February 29, 2016

Karimath: A World at Peace by Jacques Ferreira available March 1, 2016the turning by sarah d silvey

Divine Intervention: Tales of Metamor City (#2) by Chris Lester available March 1, 2016

The Awakening (#2 in the Athran Saga) by Kristofer Hanson available March 1, 2016

Those Who Wander by Shalaena Medford available March 1, 2016

The Turning by Sarah D. Silvey available March 4, 2016

Reaper Chronicles: The Price by Riley Bryant available March 4, 2016

Europa 2049 by Joel Puga available March 5, 2016



Rise of the Fallen (#3 in the Dark Tides series) by Diana Bocco available February 29, 2016



Disclaimer: This list is created based on my own research. Any oversights in self-published books are not done purposefully or out of maliciousness. Books with a listed publisher other than the author’s name, listed under a genre other than Fantasy or Science-Fiction, or advertised on a separate eReader site, will not be included. Amendments will not be made to published posts. To ensure inclusion in the weekly updates, please send me an email and a link to your eBook to thedriftingpaige@gmail.com and, if given enough notice, I will do my best to include you!



Bookfangirling Blog Award!

Hey lovely readers! I was nominated by Tina at Alloftheseprompts  for the Bookfangirling Blog Award! Thanks so much! 😊

This is such a fantastic award, I hadn’t heard of it until Tina made me aware of the awesome fangirling blog. Essentially, it’s an award that allows us to show other blogs that we appreciate the work that they do and the content they produce. It’s another way of showing others how much we like their blog on top of the like button 🙂 Sometimes, comments can only express so much!


1) Create a post to accept your award.

2) Add the blog award button into your post and put it on the side of your blog as a widget. Visit Fangirling for the award button.

3) Answer the questions I have below.

4) Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think also deserve this award.

5) Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees.


My Answers:

  1. Which languages do you read in? I only read in English, but in the past I have read books in French. I took about… 7 years of French growing up, so I probably could still do so, but it’s hard to find untranslated books where I live! If anyone has any good resources, please let me know!
  2. Name the very first book you remember reading on your own (as opposed to your parents reading to you). Oh my goodness, what a great question! I think I first read Beatrix Potter to myself. We had this great boxed edition that my mom got for me (and I promptly destroyed all the bindings on all the books from reading them so often). They were such a poignant series, I loved them almost as much as I loved my Corduroy book! However, my first real book was a series about King Arthur and the round table. I’ve asked my family if they remembered the series at all, but no one seems to know the author or anything since it was so long ago. I think I loved the King Arthur books because of my namesake to Morgan Le Fae J
  3. How do you choose which book to read next? I usually haunt Barnes and Noble and the library for a few days, to be honest! It sort of takes me a while to choose a book. I always have a list of recommendations going and then search to see what’s available and then narrow it down from there. A lot depends on my mood, also. If I have the option between a sci-fi book and a horror novel, I’ll consider my current temperament and frame of mind. I get really involved and committed to the books I read so I want to make sure it has the right feel and message I’m looking for.
  4. How do you feel about ebooks and audiobooks? I must be very old school, because it’s taken me a while to get into both of these mediums. It took me a while to warm up to audiobooks (mostly because my stepdad would listen to them in the car and I’d either be uninterested in the novel he was currently listening to or he would just listen to it at a random point in the story so I wouldn’t know what was going on). However, I always have an audiobook in my car, now. I love them and I love the variety. I think part of their appeal is that there are actual books in the genres I like to choose from. And as for ebooks, I only just signed up and I can’t wait to get started! I feel like there are so many ebooks out there and just as many avenues in which to get them. Overdrive and Kindle are the two apps I just started using.
  5. Name one book that disappointed you and one that was a pleasant surprise. One book that disappointed me is The Magicians by Lev Grossman. There are books that I don’t like and books that I am not interested in, but this must have been the most disappointing because I had such high expectations. You can’t label something “the grown-up Harry Potter” and instead write a pity-party celebrating a dull main character. I wish Grossman had done more with the magic, too… but, I ramble. A book that was a pleasant surprise was Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, as it was a little outside my comfort zone and I ended up falling in love. The story is a beautiful one and it’s so hauntingly written, I think about that story a lot and it always makes me feel grateful for what I have.


My Questions:

  1. What character from which book have you related to the most? Why?
  2. Which genre do you typically read? Have you found a book outside of this genre that you liked?
  3. Is there an author’s work who you have read completely or nearly in completion?
  4. Which book do you recommend to people the most?
  5. What do you feel about book-to-film adaptations? If applicable, name a book you like more than its movie and vice versa.


My Nominees:

1. Abooknation

2. Sarah from sarahinzombieland

3.  Lizzie from Writerscompanion

4. N.E. White from his N. E. White wordpress blog


No pressure to participate, but I thought you would all have some interesting posts/responses 🙂 And if anyone else feels like completing these questions, please do so and link to me! I’d love to read them!

Until next time,


Morgan Paige

Monthly Challenge: February and the Chinese New Year


Hey, everyone!

This month’s reading challenge caused me a bit of an internal debate, because there were so many books I wanted to review. Since I’m trying to focus more on debut authors in the publishing world, I thought it would be hard to find one that fit this month’s theme. On February 8th, next Monday, is the Chinese New Year. It falls on a New Moon typically between the end of January and the end of February, and this year it just so happens to fall in the second week of February. It is also known as their Spring Festival and is a time to celebrate good fortune, happiness, and wealth. I figured it’d be fun to do a challenge around the Chinese culture to celebrate the New Year this month!

To my great fortune, I found a novel that fits perfectly into this month’s theme. Debut author M.H. Boroson recently published his book The Girl with Ghost Eyes. It is available at most bookstores, and I was fortunate enough to nab the last one at the Barnes and Noble in my area. He studied Chinese religion for his undergrad, which helped inspire this book.

The story follows a young girl named Li-lin living in San Francisco’s Chinatown at the turn of the 19th century. She is a normal girl, despite her penchant for seeing and hunting ghosts within the planar ghost world. After an attack on her father, she must use her powers to navigate the ghost realm and bring honor and justice back to her family. With the aid of traditional Chinese folkloric monsters and deities, Li-lin must find her place as an immigrant to a new country and a woman within a man’s profession.

It is an incredibly promising novel with so many interesting layers. Learning Chinese folklore and religion through a ghost story sounds so entertaining; I really cannot wait to read this story! The fact that this is the first novel that Boroson has published is a huge draw, too. I will provide a very detailed review at the end of this month’s challenge, and I’d be so happy if you guys read along with me! Follow me at the Goodreads link below, on Pinterest, or even on Twitter. I’d be so happy to discuss this novel with you guys along the way!

My social media links are located on the front page and I will include them here as well. Check out my About page, too if you feel like contacting me via email 🙂 (Thank you, Sally, for pointing out that the links were missing!)






Until next time,


Morgan Paige

Alan Rickman, Passed Away at 69


Rest in Peace

Alan Rickman, a man of intriguing character, work ethic, and personality, has passed away at the age of 69.

As an actor, Rickman was ambiguous and ever-changing just like the numerous roles that he played: ranging from the notorious villain in Die Hard to an amorous husband in Love Actually. His most reputable role must be his part as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies… a character known for his loyalty, love, and cruelty.

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to this incredible man. My first experience with Rickman on screen was the movie Dogma, where he played Metatron, the voice of God. He instantly won my heart! He was vivacious and cynical and still somehow managed to see the world with such a bright light. I think that Rickman allowed much of himself to shine through in some of his bigger roles, allowing us to see him as the dynamic, enigmatic, and talented man that he was. Even with the serious antagonist parts he played, he also balanced these with light-hearted roles such as the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (his last film, coming out this year).

Farewell, Alan Rickman.

It is grounding that we’ve lost another artist to a disease such as cancer, but his creative and influential impact on this world will not be forgotten.

And here’s something that has stuck with me since my first time watching Dogma, one of Metatron’s best quotes, spoken by the voice of God himself:

“Well, I say we get drunk, because I’m all out of ideas.”

I’m sure Rickman would concur 🙂 Stay strong, fans and friends.


Morgan Paige

2016 Book-to-Movie Adaptations


Book to Film Adaptations for the New Year!

One of the biggest accomplishments in the literary world is a story’s transition from book to silver screen. Some movie deals don’t always happen (I’ve been waiting for a TV adaptation of Garth Nix’s The Old Kingdom series for years…), but the ones that do, tend to cement the author in a celebrity status that writers only dream about. Last year, we had a couple of awesome adaptations hit movie theaters across the world: Mortdecai starring Johnny Depp (based off of the Mortdecai Trilogy by Kyril Bonfiglioli), The Last Apprentice starring Jeff Bridges (based off of the series of the same name by Joseph Delaney), Frankenstein (by my favorite, Mary Shelley) starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, and not to mention some awesome sequels like the last installment of The Hunger Games and the second in the Divergent series.

There are a couple of new additions this year that I think all of us horror/ fantasy/sci-fi/ classic literature fans can get super excited about. There are some TV releases, too, proving that the literary world is expanding and reaching new audiences. Did you know that the published novel industry has actually grown this past year? Yay! More people are reading! I just love that the book culture is getting more popular, based on seeing the rise in film adaptations, booktubers (Youtubers who focus on Young Adult books and reviews), book-based merchandise on etsy, and book blogs.

But for now, here’s the list of upcoming film and TV adaptations to expect in the year to come!


  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling
  2. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
  3. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  4. Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  5. Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
  6. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
  7. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth-Grahame Smith
  8. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
  9. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  10. Amityville: The Awakening based on the book by Jay Anson

TV Shows

  1. The Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks
  2. Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) by George R.R. Martin
  3. The Expanse by James S. A. Corey (pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck)


There are talks in the works about adapting J.K. Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series to BBC One (and HBO??) and also a movie AND TV deal for Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicles (thanks, Lionsgate!). Hopefully he publishes the third in the trilogy soon!


Is there a movie or show coming out that I forgot to mention? Or one that’s already been released that you just couldn’t get enough of? Let me know!

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Morgan Paige







Monthly Challenge: Reflection and Popular Horror


January Reading Challenge: Popular Horror from 2015

Hey all! This month’s reading challenge is going to be a bit of a reflection of last year, as the Goodreads Reader’s Choice 2015 list has just been released. It’s a very interesting contest where readers get to vote which books were the best in certain listed genres. I did vote for my favorite books, but none of them actually made it to the winning position (my heart just about broke when The Cuckoo’s Calling didn’t win in the thriller genre). For the sake of educating myself, this month I decided to read some of the books that won and discover why they were so popular.

For the horror section, Dean Koontz’ book Saint Odd was the winner… which is a bit of a problem, because apparently it’s the seventh book in the series. Cue me being overwhelmed by the amount of reading I would have to do to catch up…

There are some other amazing books on the horror genre list, like Alice by Christina Henry (a twisted take on Alice in Wonderland), Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates, and another story by Clive Barker’s expertise, The Scarlet Gospels (a new installment in the Pinhead stories, I believe). I decided to pick just one this month, as for 2016 I’m trying to break out of my norm and pick authors and/or genres that I wouldn’t normally choose.

So, since I’ve never read a Dean Koontz book before and he’s one of the most popular modern authors of the day, I will be picking the first book in the Odd Thomas series, aptly named Odd Thomas, and hopefully one day will work my way up to reading Saint Odd (maybe then I’ll understand this year’s hype!). I honestly don’t know anything about the series (I tried not to read Saint Odd’s synopsis for fear of spoilers), but I’ll be happy to share the story with you soon!

Is anyone in the process of reading any of the books that were featured on the Goodreads Book Choice Awards? Or have you read any and already formed opinions on them? I’d love to hear about any of the books, any genre, because this was my first year knowing about the awards and I’m not sure if the voting system is legitimate or not. Is it basically a popularity contest? Or is it more biased towards main stream books/authors? Let me hear what you think!

Until next time,



PS. So, in doing a tiiiiny bit of research, I’ve found that this book was actually made into a movie. If I finish the book in time, I’ll also include a comparison review for those that are interested! Could be interesting, right? 😊