Reading Challenge 2016

Year-Long Reading Challenge

Hey all! This is a short post, but I just wanted to make sure to begin the month with a Year Long Reading Challenge to go along with our monthly challenges!

It may seem daunting, but I actually managed to reach my goal this year- so, naturally, I want to challenge us further! I aimed for 25 new books last year and made it in JUST the nick of time (12/30 I finished The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson and capped off the sweet, sweet challenge). It’s not about pages read or following trends, in my opinion (“Read just Young Adult novels! Whee!”… no thank you). To me, setting a reading challenge is supposed to keep your brain active and open-minded. When I am constantly filling my time with books, I find myself happier, more productive, and more creative.

So, why don’t we give this a shot!

I figured I would raise my number to 30 books this year. I’m not going to set any limits on how big a book should be or if audiobooks count or not (they totally do, by the way). As long as I get through a story by a published author, I will count it. You can all participate with me, too!

I’ll be posting my progress and to-be-read books on Goodreads. I’ll write posts once I’ve reached the completion of a novel, give honest reviews, and chat up whoever feels like joining/ whoever has read what’s on my shelf. Goodreads is such a convenient website/app, you can go ahead and download it for your phone/tablet/whatever and send me a friend request.

Click the link below if you want to join me, and let me know how many books you plan on reading this year! It’ll be easier with a good support system, especially when you’re reading a book you particularly don’t like or need help finding something to start next. And don’t limit yourself! Choose different genres you never would’ve chosen, authors you’ve never heard of, and mediums you’ve never tried. Audiobooks, graphic novels, anthologies, all of them are your friend in any reading challenge.

My Goodreads Profile

Until next time, friends!


Morgan Paige

(Happy) New Year


(Happy) New Year

I was going to write this post about how truly inspiring this past year has been. For months, I’ve felt a renewed sense of energy and drive, and have made some pretty incredible life changes that I never dreamed I’d be able to do.

I’ve discovered more about myself and am finally learning who I am (27 years old and I’m finally getting there…), and this, in itself, is the most important change I’ve made. I’ve watched my friends and family grow so strong and capable, it brings me hope that things could possibly, potentially, change for the better.

But this post has been a little difficult to write, because I know there was a single catalyst that had caused such a momentous change in all of us. And that was the loss of a very dear, very beautiful friend early in the year.

I have never seen someone effect as many lives as he did, but the loss had brought about a rippling change that had taken my friends, my family, and me by storm. Death affects people in crazy ways, but never before have I seen so many people rally in a similar fashion. It was like we were all gripped in a furious storm of hurt, despair, and yet… hope. I’ve watched all of us make changes for the better, yearning to live as good and fulfilling a life as our friend had in his too short of years.

And so, in greeting this New Year, I recognize all the good that I have accomplished and experienced and say thank you to my friend. He has given us so much, and most importantly, had given us something to yearn for. We all desire the will to live, to experience. Looking back, I finally accomplished so many things that I never had the guts to do before: like getting my Masters in English, committing to my creative endeavors, focusing on the best relationship that I have ever had, and striving for that job that I never thought I’d get (and I did!).

In short, losing him had taught us to believe in ourselves, and this is one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever had hoped for.

I have goals, not resolutions, for this coming year, because I’ve found that I don’t need temporary ideas… I need life changes. In order to get the most out of life, you have to commit and be ready for change. And most of all, not be afraid to listen to yourself when it comes down to it.

Just in case you guys are wondering, I plan on finishing this first draft of my story and writing a second draft. I know it’ll need a heavy rehaul, but I really believe in it and want to make it the best it can be. I also plan on submitting more short stories for publication and hope that you guys would be interested in reading some 🙂 I’ll begin posting them here, soon, as well as some prompts that have helped me amp up those creative juices. I also am continuing to grow my relationship with my SO, and am working very hard at my job to continue learning Technical Writing techniques in order to buff up my skill base.

I also want to reach out to you all, as my readers, and say thank you for everything. The fact that you’re all following this blog and helping support me is mind blowing. I am so appreciative and grateful, and really plan to bring you great content and fun posts throughout the next year.

I wish I could say thank you to you all individually. After reading through a bunch of bloggers New Year’s posts, I see that many of us have had to endure many trials and tribulations. I wish you all strength and hope in this coming year, and look forward to everything that this next year has to offer.

And to perpetuate my family’s tradition, I present to you a dish of our lucky southern black eyed peas and collards! I hope luck follows you through 2016,

Black eyed peas and Gewurtztraminer!

Until next time!