Pamper and Press


As much as we’re all hard workers, you have to find the time to pamper yourself. I just so happened to have a pretty stress-free week, but I had a lot of firsts (ah! cavities!) and got a lot done (my classes are just going so fast). So to sort of mark the end to a hard, fruitful week, I decided to have a pampering evening. My roommate and boyfriend were gone, I had the place to myself, so I cracked out the necessities for a lovely evening:

1. A bubble bath. Yep! I just threw some hot water on, tossed in a good serving of my usual daily body soap, and let it suds up till the bath was full!

2. A candle. I love candles and don’t have much of a collection, but I got Sydney Harbor from Bath and Body Works with my darling roommate a while ago. It smells amazing; sort of floral with a tiny dash of jasmine, then LOADED with that fresh ocean breeze scent I just love so much. 

3. A bath bomb. If I could buy everything at Lush I would. Totally fresh, handmade, and organic, all their products are so worth trying and smell just so good! The bath bomb I used is called Space Girl: full of spicy notes and black currant scent. It made the bath turn red after it fizzed like a little flying saucer!

4. A mask. I love skincare and am learning a lot as I try new things, but I’ve found a lot that my face LOVES honey. So I saw this cute little mask at Sephora and just had to have it! You don’t have to rinse it off afterwards, so my face remained dewy, soft, and so even. Miraculously the redness around my chin and nose disappeared for the moment. 

5. A drink. It’s important to stay hydrated during a hot soak, so I made my own passionfruit tea lemonade using the Tazo Passion Tea packets and a little good ol’ Country House lemonade. It’s so super simple and tastes amazing!

6. A book. This is the number one for me when it comes to “me time”, because what is the best thing to relax to but a good book? I had chosen an anthology of H.P. Lovecraft stories, complete with The Call of Cthulu and The Rats in the Walls. I’ve been dying to read his stories for a while, and my boyfriend must have read my mind and picked it up for me from our local Barnes and Noble. I will be doing a review of Lovecraft’s stories soon, so stay tuned 🙂

I hope you all find the time to pamper yourself, as well! It’s important to take care of yourself and find your balance. It’s the key to happiness and love, so go on and relax 🙂 You deserve it!