About Me

Hey there and welcome!

My name is Morgan Billings and this here is my official writer’s site. You can find all my scribblings and note-takings in which I attempt to harness imaginary worlds and stories, because sometimes all we need is something to help us escape from real life. Let’s make this adventure together.

I am a huge horror, fantasy, and scifi lover and spend most of my free time playing video games or haunting book stores. I have a background working in the wine industry (which makes me an honorary writer at the outset, right?) and I currently work in professional writing and editing.

I live in New England, though I’m a transplant from the Southern US, and count myself as an honorary New Hampshirite. I coexist with two cats and my favorite person in the world, so life is pretty darn swell.

If you have any questions or want to get to know me better, please follow me on any of my social media or leave me a question on my FAQ page. I’d love to chat with you!