Final Post… And a New Blog Location!

Hey guys,

Well… it’s been a little more than a month since I last posted, and I feel a bit bad for leaving you guys in the dust. I’ve been sorting through the thoughts I’ve had since last October, thoughts that ranged from shame to discord to assurance.

November 1st, 2016 marked a full year since I had REALLY started blogging on The Drifting Paige. We posted 3+ times a week, and I made it such a personal priority to post and connect with everyone that we all grew and expanded in SUCH an impactful way in that year alone. By putting a spotlight on self-published authors, I feel like a facet of the literary industry was finally able to shine and at least get some sort of recognition. Self-published authors are (unfortunately) easy to overlook in the commercial world, and I am so happy to say that the past year opened my eyes to some truly incredible authors.

But that’s just it. I was focusing on other authors, which meant that a lot of my own projects fell slowly by the wayside. It was like watching a loose page, plucked off of a desk by a piece of wind, dancing out of an open window and into the bright blue sky. There went my work, my ideas, my own goals. I made a lot of great friends in the authors I featured, a few I still stay in touch with, and you readers/fellow bloggers have been nothing short of amazing to connect with. Therefore, I’ve decided not to give up blogging completely, but I will be leaving The Drifting Paige to just… drift. And still be a resource for 2016 self-published ebooks.

I want to write. I want to be an author. And being selfish with my time is probably the only way I can get there. I apologize for those of you who really turned to this blog for reviews and suggestions and even for a little bit of advertisement for your book. But I will still be posting my Goodreads reviews and will remain active on there for anyone who has or who wants to add me 🙂

Also, the kind of silver lining here, is the fact that I’m not going to stop blogging. But, I’ll be going in a different direction that may or may not be appealing to all of you guys. My new space will serve as a personal blog. I’ll still post about writing tips, stuff I learn as I try to reach my own publishing goals, and book suggestions, but it’ll be much less formal in terms of posting frequency and subject matter. I want to write stories, I want to inspire and connect with the lifestyle of other writers out there. I want to create, and I think The Drifting Paige allowed me to finally reach that vision.

So, if you all feel like taking a stab at following a fellow writer, my (new-and-improved?) blog is called:

The Written Paige

I’ll still be very active on Twitter and Instagram and Goodreads, I love the book blogging community and actually have found myself supporting more and more of you guys since I realize how necessary and lovely your job is. So please, post your blog here if you want to stay connected and I’ll follow and support you.

And if you feel like following this wayward writer on her way to creative self-discovery, feel free to follow this link to my new space: The Written Paige

It’s in the baby stages, but it’ll be finished soon 🙂

Thank you again everyone!

Until we find each other on the other side! ❤


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