Apologies… And Coffee

Oh hey there. Remember me? The overly caffeinated writer who suddenly disappeared without a word? I think I forgot to mention to you in my myriad of earlier posts that I am pursuing a Masters in English and Creative Writing… not that that’s much of an excuse for my absence, but BOY has the program been time consuming. I may have underestimated how much dedication I would have to put to the program… and simultaneously, life. But that’s what life does, I suppose. If you feel like everything is finally going smoothly it throws another wrench in your direction and shouts, “Hah! Bet you can juggle this, too!”

But my unplanned hiatus definitely has a silver lining. I love this blog, I love connecting and sharing thoughts and new discoveries and hastily written ideas. I want to expand what I share with all of you, including more helpful articles, better explanations about writing techniques, and even some advice that I think fellow writers/ aspiring authors would like to hear.

Cafe Du Monde, supporting the "Writer for Hire" through mucho caffeine
Cafe Du Monde, supporting the “Writer for Hire” through mucho caffeine

Just having an open forum to chat with all of you with similar interests would really make this ten times better, so that’s my ultimate goal here.

So with the time apart, change has come upon us 🙂 But don’t be scared! We’re in this together, and though I have one month left to my degree, I promise I will be here.


Morgan Paige